Monday 7th August:  Evolution: From DNA to Organisms


Boy Science

Have you ever seen real life DNA?

Have you ever created your own animal - would it survive in our ever-changing environment?

Try your hand at breaking the genetic code, building your own animal limb,  and extracting DNA from strawberries.  Investigating the link between DNA, genes and chromosomes, you will discover how the changes in our DNA sequence enable the process of evolution to take place.

You will take home a sample of your very own DNA in a pendant.

Tuesday 8th August: Energy - Powering our World around us!

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We will look at how energy is made in plants, animals and yeast by carrying out a range of practical activities and investigations.

Compete in our team-building energy marathon to discover where energy comes from and how we use it.  We will use yeast to make (and take home) ginger beer, and delve into the world of harvesting energy from plants. Putting our new knowledge to the test we will extract pigments from leaves using chromatography and looking at the wavelengths that plants use in photosynthesis.

We know that sunlight is a source of energy - but where does it all go?

We will investigate our food chain and how much energy is lost at each stage.

Wednesday 9th August:  Molecules - Pellets, Bones and Slime!


We will look at materials and their properties, we will make and investigate different polymers, some of which are present in the human body.

We’ll dissect owl pellets and identify the skeletons inside, and examine the properties of bones to see how they change when treated with both acid and alkali.  Did you know that cats can’t digest cows milk?  We will use polymer beads to help make it suitable for cats.

You’ll get busy making your very own slime, which you can then take home!

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